throughout 2018 - affinity brew co. 'the calendar series'
Fuggles beer cafe - Tunbridge wells + tonbridge

Another wonderful new brewery we discovered last year was Affinity, now based in their new home in Bermondsey. Initially turned on to them when hearing ex-Brew By Numbers brewer Steve was part of the team (I still think their Saisons are some of the best and luckily Steve took that skill and know how with him when they produced 'Breeze'.

Each month we'll be part of a very small club launching one off beers from Affinity. We'll be aiming to try and launch these beers hopefully on the second Thursday of each month (don't quote us on this, beer can be temperamental, as can delivery  and brewing schedules!)


bottle bitches - natural wine tasting
tunbridge wells, 23rd SEPTEMBER, 2pm - 6pm

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing, natural wine? If you haven’t, let us enlighten you.

Contrary to what you may think, natural wine doesn’t just mean that the wine only wears natural fibres and doesn’t shave its legs. It also means that the grapes used to make the wine are farmed organically and that the wine is made without adding or removing anything in the cellar. Natural wine is also additive and preservative-free, and producers keep intervention of the naturally occurring fermentation process to a bare minimum. It’s basically just like your hippie aunt, except it’s a wine. Cute, right?

So what does natural wine taste like? Like all wine, it varies, but we’ll be at Fuggles Beer Cafe on the 23rd of September from 2:00 - 6:00 PM as part of Tunbridge Wells Food Month to tell you more about natural wine and share some of the natural wines that get the B.B. stamp of approval. It’ll be so fun!

To ensure we don’t get mobbed, please book a time that you’d like to come and see us. Booking your interest is £FR.EE (though you do need to enter your card details to checkout and book a place- sorry!), but natural wine will be available by the glass for legal tender and flights will start at £10.00 on the day.

If you want more BB goodness before this IRL event, we suggest reading some of our natural wine reviews and listening to this podcast that we recorded with Alex, the man behind Fuggles Beer Café!


BRASSERIE DE LA SENNE - meet the brewer / showcase
tonbridge, 26TH SEPTEMBER, 6pm

Probably one of our favourite Belgian breweries.

We’re very lucky to have Yvan over from Belgium for the evening to discuss his beers and their exciting plans for their new brewery opening in 2019! We’ll also have a tap takeover on as well so you can try the beers for yourself!

BSky Coolship.jpg


This might be this years hottest release from a UK brewery so we’re very excited to be part of it. We’ll also have plenty of beers from Burning Sky also on tap for the day too.

We have ONE keg of this very exciting release and a limited number of bottles. No saves, no reserves, first come first served! Here’s the lowdown from the Burning Sky team:

“The ‘other thing’ we are doing to celebrate our 5th Birthday, is a small scale National release of our first ever coolship beer – inoculated over night with micro flora specific to our locale, then spontaneously fermented and barrel aged.

To say that we are happy with this beer would be an understatement. It represents the culmination of our wildest dreams and aspirations. A beer made with more than a passing nod to the great lambic producers of Brussels and Pajottonland. A beer we have dreamt of.

Brewed early 2017, we followed a turbid mash schedule with malted barley, wheat and un-malted heritage grains. An extended boil with aged hops followed, before transferring to the coolship overnight. This then went to barrels the following day, where it stayed until bottling on 30th July. This is a mono blend, i.e. not a blend of different vintages. The beer is being released with a gentle carbonation level (2 volumes of CO2), we expect this to build as the beer ages. Already the beer is showing great complexity, with a pleasing acidic, slight cider/ natural wine notes and a dry finish. As with all our special releases, it can be drunk now and/ or cellared.

The release of this beer will be 29th September 2018 – the 5th anniversary of our first ever brew – Saison Provision, a mixed fermentation beer. This seems somewhat fitting.”

Or you can read it again/read more on the Burning Sky blog here