throughout 2018 - affinity brew co. 'the calendar series'
Fuggles beer cafe - Tunbridge wells + tonbridge

Another wonderful new brewery we discovered last year was Affinity, now based in their new home in Bermondsey. Initially turned on to them when hearing ex-Brew By Numbers brewer Steve was part of the team (I still think their Saisons are some of the best and luckily Steve took that skill and know how with him when they produced 'Breeze'.

Each month we'll be part of a very small club launching one off beers from Affinity. We'll be aiming to try and launch these beers hopefully on the second Thursday of each month (don't quote us on this, beer can be temperamental, as can delivery  and brewing schedules!)

Next beer launches on July 6th - an Orange & Cranberry Saison (brewed in part to protest Trump's visit!)


Fuggles beer cafe - tunbridge wells - 2nD AUG from noon

Siphon Brewery are a relatively new Belgian brewery based in Damme and were awarded ‘Best New Belgian Brewery’ by Ratebeer last year

We’ve just been on a little tour of Belgian breweries and after visiting Siphon out in the Belgian countryside we naturally thought the best thing to do after this was to get some beers in and show them off to you all, they’re a bit good!

Beers on from noon - to include: Zwaluw (rye session ale, 3.3%), Damme Nation (Belgian IPA, 7%), Cassandra (oyster stout, 5.5%), 1902 (Honey & Lavender Triple, 5.5%) Tronk (Orange & Vanilla Quad, 10%)


Fuggles beer cafe - tonbridge - 3RD AUG 7PM

We discovered Crumbs Brewing at this years Tonbridge Food & Drink Festival. We've tried a few beers made from leftover bread, brioche, croissants and the like but none have really worked for us. But these guys impressed us enough to invite them over for a tasting! So come and meet the guys behind these great beers made out of leftover bread!

"We brew beer using leftover artisan bread from our local Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate Surrey. We’re doing our bit for the growing problem of food waste and, as each of our beers uses a different style of loaf in its recipe, creating unique brews that make the most of such a delicious ingredient." -


Fuggles beer cafe - tonbridge - 4TH AUG FROM 8PM

The official afterparty for this years Tonbridge Calling festival! Join us straight after this years festival as we host live music from Hobo & The Hippies and Salsadelic


Fuggles beer cafe - Tunbridge wells (4TH AUG) + tonbridge (5TH AUG)

We're very excited to be working with Vinyl Revolution and hosting them for a popup in the pubs! They'll be setting up shop, literally, in the pub on the above dates between 12 & 5pm so pop in, grab a beer and buy some vinyl! (Or some of their fab merchandise). The Vinyl Revolution team will also be curating the days playlist and we can't wait to see what they've got in their record bag for us!



Future dates for workshops:

Decoupage: 20th August, Tonbridge / 27th August, Tunbridge Wells

Tickets & more information available through the Tonbridge Creates Facebook page!



bottle club
Fuggles beer cafe - tonbridge (22ND august) + Tunbridge wells (29th august)

We’ve a whole heap of amazing beer in our fridges and we really want to share it with you. So each month, one of our team will be hosting an informal bottle club tasting. We’ll be showcasing some rarities & one off’s as well as some of our favourites from the month, including new beer in before we put them on general sale.

£20 gets you a seat at the table with 5 beers to taste & a chance to dig into the cheese board. Plus, feel free to bring your own bits to share with the group as well!

Please register your interest at the bar or email