We were handed the keys to 165 High Street, Tonbridge almost 2 weeks ago now and started work last Monday. We're currently in the process of getting the walls up for the toilets, cellar space and office along with the soundproofing and various other bits of 'exploratory works'.

I'll post some photos and that soon once we've made a bit more progress and there's more to see. Lots happening in the next week or two, toilets going in, walls being revealed and a heap more.

We're hoping to get open early Summer all being well. There are a few hurdles to get over but fingers crossed! In the meantime, now we've got a 'News' bit on the site I'll try and keep this bit updated with our progress in Tonbridge as well as keeping you updated on all our general news, events, new beers and anything else I fancy ranting about.



Thanks to Sorrel Rivers for the awesome drawing of the new site and to Kook Creative who are helping out with the design work. There's loads more to thank but I'll get to those in due course!

The birds eye view...